We believe that a Catholic education means living with a respect for God, self and others every day, and that this constant presence-of-mind is a critical component to developing a kind, reflective, and responsible student.

We believe that our educational environment consists of traditional values and innovative curriculum that cultivates engaged learners and encourages students to work to their full potential, inspiring them to develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

We believe that community is the foundation of our school. In collaboration with parents and in partnership with St. Patrick Parish, we are devoted to faith and academic excellence. Our administration, faculty, and staff, along with our parent community, are committed to creating a culture of empathy, inclusion, and service.

At St. Patrick School, we offer a warm and caring Kindergarten through Eighth Grade learning environment that incorporates a traditional yet innovative curriculum. We challenge students to reach their full academic potential, and guide them to become S.T.A.R. students.

Skilled Learners who…

  • Demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for life-long learning.
  • Actively listen and process information.
  • Think critically, analyze information, make connections, and apply what they learn to real life situations.
  • Work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • Apply effective study and organization skills.

Thoughtful Individuals who…

  • Recognize strengths and areas for growth.
  • Utilize constructive criticism in a positive manner.
  • Strive for intellectual, physical, and spiritual self-improvement.
  • Embrace new ideas and adapt to change.
  • Confidently plan, set, and work toward a goal

Active Christians who…

  • Show respect for God, self, others, and all of creation.
  • Emulate Jesus Christ in thought, word, and deed.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of scripture, Catholic traditions, and Catholic heritage.
  • Participate in Faith development, including Liturgy, Prayer, and Sacraments.
  • Live the Gospel message to love and serve the Church, family, school, and community.

Responsible Citizens who…

  • Share gifts, talents, and abundance with others,
  • Have knowledge of and concern for local and global issues.
  • Demonstrate a sense of pride and appreciation for the freedoms and gifts of our country.
  • Recognize and respect other cultures and their contributions.
  • Understand and assume their role as stewards of the planet.