Grades 3-5

In the middle grades, the curriculum becomes more challenging as comprehension and conceptual thinking are emphasized. Drawing conclusions, inferring, understanding the main idea, and differentiating between fact and opinion are some of the critical thinking concepts that are taught in these grades. In math, students continue to learn to model concepts in order to demonstrate their understanding, they practice computation strategies, and they continue to master basic facts, which allows their brains to solve problems that are more complex.

The Language Arts Program continues to focus on basic grammar concepts, more complex sentence structure, and building writing skills. Essays become more complex, with research reports being completed in fourth grade and beyond. Writing, a cross-curriculum focus, is also emphasized in science, social studies, and religion.

In addition to math, reading, and language arts, the curriculum includes science, social studies, religion, and spelling. Students continue to receive formal art instruction, music, and physical education. In addition to the core curriculum and our enrichment curriculum, students continue to work with our school counselor on “Empathy and Inclusion”.

After fifth grade, our students are ready to transition to our Junior High Program. Their basic study skills are in place and they have started to become more independent and self-reliant.