Junior High 6-8

6th Grade

Sixth Grade is a pivotal year as students transition into Junior High. Our Sixth Grade homeroom teacher, Mr. Mathis, has lived all over the world. This adventurous childhood, no doubt, is what fueled his passion for social studies and his love of other cultures. He shares this passion with his Sixth Grade students particularly in his history classes. They are lucky to have an exciting and varied curriculum based on Ancient Civilizations. They see what life was like for the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, just to name a few.

Mr. Mathis ties his Language Arts and Literature curriculum into his history topics. In doing so, the students read about the Greek gods and Julius Caesar. In addition to continuing with a solid foundation in grammar, there is also a strong focus on expository writing.

7th Grade

The Seventh Grade is an exciting year. One of the highlights is having a Kindergarten “Buddy.” This is a wonderful opportunity for our Seventh Graders to take a leadership role in “mentoring” a Kindergartener, and our Kindergarteners get to make a connection with “one of the big kids!”

Our social studies and literature curriculum are designed to provide a solid foundation in note-taking and organizational skills. Study skills and test preparation are also emphasized. This “executive functioning” curriculum is taught in tandem with a very hands-on, project-based curriculum. Our Seventh Grade Religion program starts the journey into the Sacrament of Confirmation, which the students will receive in 8th grade. Students are also excited to begin their Spanish language journey.

8th Grade

Eighth grade students are truly the leaders of our school. They act as role models who demonstrate their leadership skills as Faith Family leaders. Mr. Forsell connects with his students and provides a learning environment where students feel emotionally safe to be themselves but also challenged to take risks and go outside their comfort zone. They apply foundational skills to increasingly complex content in each subject area and they use these skills across the curriculum. They will work on algebra skills, gain knowledge of the physical sciences, study U.S. History, read literature and poetry, and strengthen their vocabulary and writing skills with a focus on the persuasive essay.

They will also be enriched with art, music, technology, PE, and Spanish classes. Students will deepen their faith as they prepare for the celebration of Confirmation. Each September, students build community, apply teamwork, practice self-reflection, and deepen their ecological awareness during a week long Yosemite Institute Program. This rewarding year will allow the students to reach their goal of transitioning to high school with spiritual, academic, and personal confidence.