Application Procedure

1. Visit Our School

We offer tours of our school throughout the year.  Please check our list of Tour Dates, and schedule a visit by contacting Linda Kinkade, our school principal, at 924-0501 extension 11 or email:

2. Obtain an Application

Go to our Application Forms page to download an application and evaluation form.

3. Turn the Completed Forms


  • Submit a completed Application.
  • Submit the appropriate “Confidential Student Evaluation Form”.
  • For students in grades 3-7, send in appropriate IOWA or STAR test scores.
  • Make an appointment for an “Assessment and Shadow Day”.


  • Submit a completed Application.
  • Submit the “Confidential Student Evaluation Form”.
  • A student must be five years of age by September 1st. Acceptance is based on specific criteria for developmental readiness.
  • After we receive all completed forms, we will schedule your child for a “K Day.”

A “K Day” is a mini version of a typical kindergarten day condensed into one hour. On “K Day” your child and other applicants will visit the Kindergarten classroom and participate in group play and small group activities. This enables the children to be observed and evaluated in a warm, informal setting. Following the “K Day”, your child may be called back for an additional formal assessment. If you miss K Days, an individual assessment is required.

Acceptance Priority Guidelines

  1. Children of families currently enrolled
  2. Established Parishioner: An established parishioner is one who is registered in the parish and has been a participating parish member for at least one year. A participating parish member is one who attends Sunday mass regularly, contributes using envelopes or checks, and participates in the life of the parish.
  3. Catholic, Non-Parishioner
  4. Children of families who practice other faiths

New Applicants Have Priority According To The Following Criteria

When space is available, students are assessed for the following reasons:

  • To ascertain the appropriate grade level for their success
  • To determine the level of their basic skills

If a student is found to be deficient in particular skill areas, one or both of the following may be required as a condition of acceptance:

  1. Tutoring during the summer and/or during the school year. Follow up will consist of: written verification of summer school attendance and/or tutoring, and reassessment.
  2. Entering at a recommended grade level which would accommodate the social and academic needs of the child.

All new students are accepted on a probationary basis for one school year.

  • This probationary time is designed to ensure proper adjustment both socially and academically to our school environment and curriculum.
  • If social or academic problems arise during this time, a student may be asked to withdraw from St. Patrick School.
  • If a student has a particular need that cannot be met at St. Patrick School, it may be recommended that the child be referred to a school where his/her needs can be met.