We are not just a school, we are a community that shares a common purpose to provide a caring and nurturing environment for learning. In partnership with Saint Patrick Parish, we are a Catholic community devoted to faith and excellence. We guide our students to become Skilled Learners, Thoughtful Individuals, Active Christians, and Responsible Citizens.

In addition to being committed to faith development and academic excellence, St. Patrick School is also committed to creating a culture of empathy and inclusion. Beyond our daily faith-based curriculum, a social skills component is integrated into our Empathy and Inclusion Curriculum that facilitates our students’ social and emotional development. Our school counselor works with students and teachers to reinforce the development of social skills and empathy and inclusion. The social skills component teaches students:

  • To recognize and manage emotions
  • To develop care and concern for others
  • To make responsible decisions
  • To establish positive relationships
  • To effectively handle conflicts