Our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade programs combine traditional values with innovative curriculum that cultivate engaged learners. We partner with our parent community to educate the whole child, and together we guide and inspire children to become S.T.A.R. students.

In order for students to reach their academic goals, our teachers create an environment where students feel safe and supported. Teachers focus on the strengths of each student, thereby encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Students receive feedback from their teachers and their peers, and understand that constructive criticism is used as a means to better themselves. Our students are open to collaboration and are sensitive to the thoughts and needs of others. They are often given the opportunity to work collaboratively and practice their leadership skills.

Our school also provides an environment where Catholic identity flourishes and faith formation is nourished. From Morning Prayer Assembly to mindful meditation and reflective prayer, our Catholic identity is evident and embraces our larger parish community.